Avengers: Infinity War is an epic, action packed action film. Marvel’s collectively gathered superhero team and their allies attempt to save the world from annihilation by Thanos and The Black Order. The hunt for six infinity stones; one controlling space, another reality, the stone of power, as well as the soul stone, and lastly the time and mind stones sent him on a genocidal mission that left him in the realm of infamy. Avengers: Infinity War follows in path of success of recent Marvel releases Black Panther, and Spider-Man Homecoming. The Super Hero media franchise is set to release other sequential films, Deadpool 2 this summer and Captain Marvel which will be released in March 2019.

Thanos became the strongest Marvel character and bearer of all six infinity stones which he wears encrusted into a glove, this only added to his power because he now controls different realms of life that he used to his advantage. Although the movie consisted of mostly battle scenes, there was both adult and child relatable humor. This Marvel film is making cinematic strides, attracting audiences of all ages. However, it still provides instances where raw emotions can be seen through the characters. Like a passion between brothers Thor and Loki or lovers Gamora and Star-Lord.

The film starts off in Space where Thanos has just conquered all of Thor’s planet, Asgard. There, Thanos killed Thor’s brother Loki, after attempting to use his mind against him. Thanos sent his children to Earth to take the time stone from Dr. Strange. Strange was joined by Bruce Banner, Iron Man and Spiderman with a lot of help from his trusty cloak. One of Thanos’ children brought Strange aboard their space ship where Stark and Spiderman followed.

The grim villain did not stop there, Thanos went on in search of the reality stone in “Knowhere,” in the possession of The Collector. When Gamora, played by Zoe Saldana, was told where he was, she set out immediately to Knowhere to kill him. Gamora was unsuccessful, being that Thanos already retrieved the reality stone from The Collector, and used it in his favor to make Gamora feel as though she had won the Avengers fight. She knew the soul stone’s location, so he forced her into revealing it and accompanying him on his journey to add that infinity stone to his growing collection. Upon arrival on planet Vormir, the pair were greeted by a hooded skeleton, he told Thanos that he would have to give up a soul that he loved in order to get the soul stone. While weeping, Thanos offered his daughter Gamora to the hooded figure and was able to receive the soul stone.

The Black Order struck earth once more, this time for the only stone that he was truly missing. Vision held the mind stone. The stone was a part of his body, it was protruding from his forehead. Vision was spared by the help of Falcon, The Nomad formally known as Captain America, the Black Widow and his girlfriend Scarlet Witch. Vision devises a plan that would require the removal of the mind stone from his head. Captain America suggests the surgery is done in Wakanda with the help of the Black Panther and Shuri. A battle breaks out on the planet of Titan where Thanos has gone back to take the time stone from Dr. Strange. Iron Man, Spiderman, Star-Lord, Drax and Mantis attempt to defeat him. The team of heroes were defeated both there and in Wakanda after the time and mind stones were acquired. Thanos left a trail of Marvel characters in his midst after his victory.

Other movie goers felt that Thanos’ quest to decimate populations reflected deeply on a history of leaders who have done so as well. In early world history, the method of conquering and accumulating land was not done respectfully. Hegemonies entered countries, and claimed it as their own all while enslaving the population and enforcing their western way of living upon the already functioning civilizations. Thanos causes devastation and drains life from the planet, however this is supposed to be a part of his plan to end resource scarcity and stagnation among individuals like what took place on his home planet of Titan. His theory to the problem is killing off half of the population so the other half could live in abundance, the crazed Titan exhibited autocratic and totalitarian ruling behaviors.

The Avengers: Infinity War has grossed $305.9 million since opening day in North America and $808 million worldwide. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo put their audience on a wild science fiction adventure interchanging between galaxies illustrating the avengers and their allies strife at battle. Rotten tomatoes gave the movie an 84% rating which is more than fitting as a result of the numbers it has been doing in the box office and the rise that it brought out of both comic and non-comic fans. This movie is ten years in the making and expands to reach the entire Marvel Cinematic .