Nothing feels better than basking in the sun on a very hot summer’s day. What is tragic, is that many in the African American community still believe that our melanin is safe from the various skin diseases that exist. No matter how beautiful we are, It is important for all skin tones to wear at least the minimum required SPF 30 requirement by doctors.

I know the problem with many sunscreens I’ve used is the noticeable white-cast it leaves on my body.  The last thing you want is when you have a bomb outfit and your feet or legs look ashy. Another problem is when you want to wear foundation that has a reasonable amount of sunscreen inside and once you take a photo you look like Casper. I know that isn’t a part of any of our summer plans. Below, I’ve listed some trusted brands that won’t leave our body white-casted or give us flashbacks in our upcoming summer photos.

NEUTROGENA® Wet Skin Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 Zoomed Coming from Neutrogena is the brand’s Wet Skin spray sunscreen that can be applied to wet or dry skin, lasts up to 80 minutes, and has no dripping or whitening! Unfortunately, the least amount of SPF comes in at 5 oz so it’s not TSA proof, but you can always purchase it at the local drugstore once you’ve touched down at your destination.  This gem is only $9.37 and available at your local CVS, Walgreens or Target.

At a Glance: ZoomedAnother Neutrogena sunscreen, not spray proof though is the Neutrogena Beach Defense, which is ideal for those active families who are always on the go during the summer. This sunscreen protects against sunburn for those of a lighter melanin tone and doesn’t leave a greasy residue most sunscreens leave. This sunscreen is also good for protecting your skin for up to 80 minutes. For each, always apply 15 minutes before stepping out into the sun.  This is $9.74 and again available at your local CVS, Walgreen, or Target.

Now for the Instagram, Snapchat worthy selfies. Marc Jacobs brings to the beauty industry the first flashback free foundation. The foundation features 29 shades ranging from light to dark undertones and offers 24 hour wear. The Shameless foundation provides SPF 25 for the skin. The Marc Jacobs Shameless foundation is the perfect travel size that can fit compactly into your makeup bag. The foundation is perfect for any skin type: dry, combination, oily you name it, the Shameless foundation will leave your skin feeling flawless. The foundation is on the higher end costing $46. It is available at your local Sephora.