In my opinion, there should certainly be some type of royalty associated with Brandy. She is without a doubt one of our generation’s most influential artist. She’s more than a triple threat (singing, dancing, acting). She’s held her own whether on the charts or on the screen. And now that Ms. Norwood is hitting the stage on Broadway, starring in the musical Chicago, we’ve come up with just a few reasons why we can never get enough of Brandy.

We All Had A Crush On Moesha
Let’s face it, in the battle of Lisa Turtle Vs. Moesha… Moesha took the prize. And yes, we all do (or did) love Ms. Turtle, but there was a swag to Moesha that was so appealing. Moesha was the girl you could kick it with and marry all in the same episode. Brandy not only changed the game with this show but also redefined what it was to be the typical American teenage girl.
Brandy Is A Legitimate MILF
Even while caring for her daughter Sarai, Brandy still has it going on. She seems to balance motherhood with being an international superstar very well. And if you haven’t seen Brandy lately, then check her out in the musical Chicago, and see what we’re talking about.
That Voice (Even When She’s Not Singing)
Brandy’s vocal chords are just everything. That smokey honey drenched voice could sing you to sleep with a lullaby or command a coliseum full of people. We could listen to Brandy read a phone book (wait, do those things exist anymore?), but we rather hear her belt out a tune on a Broadway stage.
We Actually Enjoy The Characters She Plays
Brandy has played a variety of characters over the years. From the princess Cinderella to her sassy counterpart Chardonnay on BET’s The Game, and we’ve loved all of them. Even screaming alongside Jennifer Love-Hewitt we still could appreciate our Brandy. Brandy has truly given us a catalog of characters that we can enjoy for a long time.
Never Say Never Is By Far The Best RnB Album EVER!
There hasn’t been a more dynamic RnB album than Never Say Never… period. Rodney Jerkins and Brandy were a dope combination. His musical genius met with Brandy’s amazing vocals made for one of the best albums ever, even scoring them a Grammy for the song The Boy Is Mine. This album will stand the test of time, and if you don’t think so, go stream it somewhere right now. We’ll wait.