Not everyone is blessed with long legs. High-heels are a great way to make us look and feel taller; but who really wants to walk around in high-heels every day? Long legs are easily achievable without the help of 6-inch heels. Step one is super easy and many of us are victim to not doing it: standing up straight. Standing up straight makes your torso appear taller instantly slimming out your figure. Step two is to wear bottoms that aren’t too short but short enough to give your legs the illusion that they’re longer. Step three is to wear high waisted shorts or skirts because it raises the actual waistline and gives you the appearance of longer legs.


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A great way to make your legs really stand out this summer is to invest in a body oil or any organic oil — olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil. Any oil will radiate off your legs to make them feel smooth and glow from within on any hot day. If you do invest in some body oil, my suggestions are Fenty Beauty, Tom Ford, or Mac customization body glow. Body glow oil has become all the rage because we all want to achieve a sun-kissed look on the go. It’s best to get a shade that compliments your skin tone. Fenty Beauty and Tom Ford offer tones that compliment all skin tones if you are on the market for some. They are available at any Sephora location.


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