ATTENTION! Introducing her newest collection, Beach, Please!, General Rihanna Fenty has graced us with yet another photo op shattering, head turning, confidence boosting product. If I can say so myself, this product is going to make Tom Ford’s Body Soleil and MAC Body Shimmer quiver in its boots.


Every girl ranging from beginner to obsessed desires a healthy glow, whether it’s from natural products like coconut oil or body shimmers. The upcoming beautiful sunshiny weather calls for this product which comes in two shades, Who Needs Clothes and Brown Sugar, and at a reasonable price of $59. The bottle is 3 oz., which means it’s going on every flight with you to give you a sun-kissed look at all times.


What’s great about both shades are the golden undertones. Who needs Clothes is not going to leave your skin looking ashy, but give it a rather light rose gold finish. Of course, Brown Sugar is going to leave us brown skin girls with a rich deep tint that will leave our melanin rejoicing!


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The collection includes two lip gloss kits which come with three lip glosses each, three new Mega Watt Foils which can be multi-purposed for blush (only the Mimosa Sunrise and Sangria Sunset due to its vibrant color, but use a light hand because it’s very pigmented), highlight, a duo eye shimmer and of course the Who Needs Clothes Body Lava.


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The MegaWatt Foils come with two gold-tone highlights, two cool tone melanin friendly highlights that give off an icy hue to the skin, and two eye alluring highlights. 7DAYWKD and Sand Castle has a golden undertone if you solely desire a golden highlight. Poolside and Mint’o Mojito are the icy blue and purple highlights that could be used as eyeshadows or lip toppers. Mimosa Sunrise and Sangria Sunset are vibrant colors that compliment a rich deep undertone very well.

The entire collection cost $391, but of course, there are some “must haves” such as the new MegaWatt Foil for $36 or the Gloss Bomb. The collection along with individual pieces are a great addition to your summer makeup bag.